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With more than 15 years of industry experience, our service team at Ace Awnings pride ourselves on quality workmanship and dedicated after-sales service to keep our clients happy.

We have handled projects of varying scales, from large developments to individual property developers and architects to private individual homes. We have distinguished ourselves as a trustworthy and competent construction provider of all things related to shades and awnings in Singapore. Today, we serves as a specialist contractor and subcontractor that partners with main contractors and builders in the construction of awnings and shades.

Innovative Solutions

Ace Awnings been also tirelessly promoted innovative shading technologies that not only serve a practical purpose in our tropics but provides greater aesthetic opportunities for designers to work with. We import quality products from leading brands around the world to ensure top-notch quality control.


Fully Customised Fabrication

We offer fully customised fabrics with varying thermal and shade properties.


Retractable Awning

We offer a full range of retractable awning solutions that suits your specific needs.


Outdoor Sunscreen

Our outdoor screens and shades are designed to minimise heat penetration and improving outdoor space usage.


Motorised Louvres

Motorised louvres provide automation to variation of shades throughout the day.


Fixed Canopy

Our fixed canopies are simple and cost effective solutions that serve its function perfectly.


Compliance Procedures

We provide professional compliance services which ensure structures strictly adhere to building regulations.

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Our Values

At Ace Awnings, it is our belief that our customers deserve the best possible advice.
Our team works and coordinates closely with homeowners to deliver a holistic approach to your design requirements.
We ensure that you have the best possible solution for your overall need and will make sure you understand the differences and advantages of various products including after sales service with regard to cleaning and maintenance.

 We are known to deliver on time and on budget.

  • We offer a complete turnkey service.
  • Our practice is to carry out on-site surveys and in depth consultations in order to understand your needs to determine the right external product for your project.
  • We allow clients to have total control over customisations such as fabric selection and controls.
  • We provide schedules of key information and clear fixed pricing on budget and time.
  • We discuss in great detail with regard to installation methods.
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